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Let’s talk training first because I had so many lightbulb moments this time around. For the first time ever I had several weeks of running that were in the 40-45 mile range. I also stopped eating gels and switched to real food on my longer runs. Justin’s Almond Butter packets, fruit leathers and baby food pouches. Yes you read right. The Peas, Pears and Spinach one is the best (right Liz Berey?)

I also became obsessed with Core Fusion Barre classes at Exhale. Over the years I have done all of the workouts. Crossfit, yoga, spinning, kickboxing, personal training, high intensity interval training, you name it, I’ve tried it. Barre at Exhale is the only workout that has directly translated to running so effectively that I had ZERO aches/pains/lingering soreness during my entire training cycle.  Even at mile 23 during the race, I heard Jon Nelson yelling, “belly button to spine!” Core awareness. I’m telling you, this was key for me.

Lastly, I added a recovery run on Sundays to the schedule, per the advice of my running BFF and coach, Dave Coligado. Wow did that really work in terms of adding weekly mileage while shaking out the legs from the previous day’s longer run. I’ll be keeping that one in my repertoire.


Official race recap:

Miles 1-22: Awesome
Miles 23-26.2: Less awesome, but still pretty good

I was lucky enough to get to run this race with Dave, which is the best thing ever. The last time we ran a marathon together I had Lyme Disease and didn’t know it. I practically cried the entire race and was 1000% sure he would never want to run with me again. REDEMPTION AT LAST! Almost two years later to the day, we toed the line again and this time it was 1000% different. Each mile was a breeze, the scenery was like an Ansel Adams painting, my playlist was on point, our outfits matched per usual and every time I checked in with him it was a smile and a thumbs up.

Miles 20-25 were uphill and that was rough. I for real hit the wall at mile 23 but at that point I also realized that I could run 10-minute miles and STILL set a PR. We crossed the line at 03:27:24 which was three and a half minutes quicker than my previous best time at Savannah in 2011. <<happy dance>>

As 2014 comes to a close, I am filled with a greater sense of faith (in God, Family and Work) and I believe that in all things there is an opportunity to choose happiness, to choose love and to kick some major ass while we all #goalcrush the heck out of our lives.

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