The List

The List. (Click to get to specific post)

01. Nashville, TN 2005 04:08:40
02. Chicago, IL 2005 04:24:36
03. Long Beach, CA 2006 04:01:38
04. New Orleans, LA 2007 04:38:42
05. Columbus, OH 2007 03:57:21
06. Des Moines, IA 2008 04:06:32
07. Miami, FL 2009 04:43:06
08. St. Louis, MO 2009
**. DERAILED 2009
09. Singapore City, Singapore 2009 04:29:17
10. Birmingham, AL 2010 03:58:23
11. Salt Lake City, UT 2010 03:38:43
12. Philadelphia, PA 2010 03:38:50
13. Phoenix, AZ 2011 04:20:43
14. Boston, MA 2011 03:43:47
15. Savannah, GA 2011 03:30:53
16. Austin, TX 2012 03:55:30
17. Seattle, WA 2012 03:48:53
18. Indianapolis, IN 2012 03:32:38
19. Louisville, KY 2014 03:51:31
20. Minneapolis, MN 2014 03:27:24

21. Virginia Beach, VA 2015

Red = Current PR
Orange = Boston Qualifying time

11 thoughts on “The List

  1. I freaking LOVE your re-caps!!! I feel like I am right back there with you…..bouncing around pre-Nashville marathon morning to ‘Hey Ya’ the week before our senior year finals. Ha. And that picture of us!!! God we were cool. So thankful to have you in my life and for all we have gone through together. You’re the best Gina and I wouldnt be the person I am today without you. Keep writing and running (you are really good at both) and cant wait for our next marathon together:)

  2. I am behind you all the way Gige!!! :) So excited every time I get a new notification about your blog being updated. I’m so lucky to have you as a best friend- and am so motivated and feel a sense of “i can do it” from your strength. I can’t wait til you come and run one over here :) love you lots!!!!

  3. You are a coach’s perfect dream!

    It is amazing to see you run down this path. To see you live, learn, embrace and share this experience is incredible. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  4. Amazing goal!! I’ve done one marathon now and looking for a new goal and something to strive for. Love your goal and you are very ambitious!! Do you have a time goal for when you would like to complete your goal??

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  6. Congrats on qualifying for Boston and your recent PR! Very cool blog!

    Question: What was your favorite marathon so far? I think you should code that in a certain color above, too :) Also – do you have a time frame that your goal is to complete the 50 within? Good luck!

    Lastly, from my very limited [1!] experience, I recommend doing NYC for your marathon in New York – with all of the people cheering it felt like being in the Olympics or something (not that I would know ;-)

  7. Pingback: #19. Louisville, KY: “Feel the joy that’s all around your soul.” | Walk to the Mailbox

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