13.1 Miles: Chicago Half Marathon 2012

“Once you’ve faced your dragon, your next task is to ally with it. Don’t kill the beast, you fool, because that’s your power!

This is the archetypal hero’s quest: You’ll meet the dragons and demons and fight and fight and fight them until you finally get the treasure. Then you’ll depart that quest irrevocably changed, with that treasure a part of you. Every time you stalk your fear and choose life instead of oblivion, you’ll begin to reclaim the parts of you that have been blocked off.

When you become the hunter you create new opportunities for grace and growth.”
-from Fierce Medicine by Ana Forrest

Happy Hunting.

Female Age Group 25-29: 22/1583
Female Overall: 72/6813
Overall: 487/12,105

Channeling that Usain Bolt-style speed (well, everyone except Angus!):

Run lululemon: Chicago

My epic little training buddy. Sights on 2016:

6 weeks ’til #18!

12 thoughts on “13.1 Miles: Chicago Half Marathon 2012

  1. Gina,

    It’s Mick (the Aussie – we met at the Bart Yasso run a few months back). Congrats on a great time! You should be on track to hit 3.20 in your next marathon.

    it was a great day and well organized. I love that race!

    Have a great week!



  2. Great time! Congrats to a fellow Chicagoan! I ran the Half on Sunday too but it took me a little longer 2:25 :) Running Chicago Marathon in less than 4 weeks. It will be my first Marathon!

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