10 Miles: 2012 Soldier Field 10

And here it begins, Summer 2012. New patterns, new projects, same brain, different results. Business socks, shirt and tie, briefcase: doing work. Real friends with real benefits but not the meaningless kind. Dedication. Practice. Inspire. Compete. Win.

10 miles at 7:50/mile. 1:18:16. I’m nothing if not consistent. Two years ago, my time was 1:18:14.
Time to fill my blue notebook: 5 months.

These are the best friends a girl could ask for: beautiful, strong and kind.

2 thoughts on “10 Miles: 2012 Soldier Field 10

  1. Love the matching outfits : ) I’ve wanted to do this race every year for the past several years, but have never been in town for it. Looks fun.

  2. And YOU are one of the beautiful, strong and kind as well. Love your spirit and your drive!! P.S. Did you know an advertisement popped up on your blog–The Brattender????!!!!

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